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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two For Tuesday ~ Artisan Beaders Give Away & Silver Glass

I've bitten the bullet and finally have tried silver glass. Our local glass chapter has a new member who makes it and he brought some to sell at our last meeting and to show us how he uses it.

To be honest, I had been kind of avoiding it. The cost of $100/lb of glass, seems so expensive to me, and yet, as a true glass-aholic, I finally stopped resisting and gave in.

Here's just one photo of my results on this seashell. (I have more views in my listing here.) I got a pretty wide spectrum of colors and it seemed like treating it more like raku, got me the best results. I've seen different results from just about everyone who bought that evening. I know flame chemistry makes a difference, as well as striking it over and over, chilling it and probably singing love songs might change your results too.

Bottom line is that I'm really glad to try it and I'll continue to use it, but in small amounts. It gives a pretty variation of colors and is a lot of fun. If you want to find my new acquaintance, he sells on etsy as Striking Color.

And now for the FREE Giveaway from Artisan Beaders Street Team! Aren't these earrings lovely? They are classically elegant and perfect for just about anything that I wear.
(Including my usual casual jeans and a sweater)

This week, these black faceted glass and sterling earrings are from Kristy of Shiny Adornments. To find out how to win them, you need to visit the Artisan Beaders' blog and get the full directions. Just click HERE.

And if you ever want to read a fabulous blog full of selling and business tips as well as pretty jewelry, Kristy's is one of my faves.
I always learn great information from it.

So because of the multi-faceted post today, I have a few questions for you to answer...
Do you have a favorite silver glass- which one and where do you buy it? Do you have a favorite blog for selling and jewelry/lampwork business tips? What is the url? Oh so much to think about and it's just Tuesday. See you tomorrow... (oh, and p.s.- don't forget my BIG SALE in my etsy shop through this Saturday.)