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Friday, December 5, 2008

Fond Memory Beads ~ Winter Wonderland

Many of you know that I live in Atlanta, Georgia.  It's been my home for over 14 years, and it's a lovely place.  Plants grow without you needing to cajole them just to stay alive, wildlife and nightlife abound, and it's home to lots of glass friends who also feed my soul.

But this is the time of year, when one's thoughts turn to the beginning of winter, Christmas holidays and one of things missing in my life....snow.

I realize that many people would be happy to give it up.  I don't miss shoveling it, driving in it or even dressing for it.  But I do miss the sun sparkling on newly fallen snow, its pristine beauty and of course...playing in it.

I have very fond memories of my many years in the Rocky Mountains. Both in Wyoming and in Colorado. The beauty of snow capped peaks, mountain cabins and the scent from their wood stoves, the chilly mountain streams and snow covered pines.

And it seems like every year I make a snow scene bead of my fond memories.  This one reminds me of the place we stayed to go cross country skiing with friends.  One side has the cabin and the other side has the stream.  I wasn't able to capture the pink cheeks, fresh air and peels of laughter that weekend.

So how would you make your Fond Memory Bead?  What would go on it?  I have plenty of fond memories for many more.  These beads are the type that you should make one to save for yourself as well as one to sell or give away.  They're fun and you will smile every time you see it.

This one is available in my Etsy store.  And just in case you missed it, I have a Buy One, Get One Half-Price Sale going on through tomorrow.  I'm still adding more new beads daily as I always do.  Hope you can stop by if you've got a minute.  And if you have a photo of a fond memory that needs to be captured in glass, I enjoy custom orders.