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Friday, December 19, 2008

Lampworker Shannon Hill Needs Our Help

If you've been on some of the lampwork forums, you might already be aware that fellow lampwork glass artist, Shannon Hill is quite sick. He was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer, and according to reports, "it's bad". But worse, Shannon doesn't have medical insurance.

So needless to say, the lampwork community has banded together and found multiple ways that you can help, if you can.

1. Buy some raffle tickets that benefit Shannon here. Great selection and watch for additional items being added. Tickets are only $5 and it's paypal. You can also donate items for the raffles here too. I'm giving you fair notice, I'd really love to win that Poppy Vetrofond glass. But if you get it, I'll still be your friend.

2. Visit Shannon's website and order some of his gorgeous beads. He has some beauties. And as an old married woman I'm allowed to say this...enjoy his bio photo while you're there.

3. Not in the mood for beads or raffle tickets? What about his great instructional dvd or video?

4. You can donate directly to his paypal account by logging into paypal and using his paypal address (which is found at the bottom of this page) to send money. Just be sure to write a note and tell him who you are and what it is for, please.

I do not know Shannon personally, but have always heard such nice things about him. I am hoping that those who are able to, will try to help in some very small way. Send him healing thoughts, prayers and well wishes and know that this is one of the real spirits of the season.

See you tomorrow with some tips I recently picked up and don't forget, I just added a 25% or More SALE section to my etsy shop...