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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Adventures in Antarctica Update

For a blog that focuses on hot molten glass, here's a little icy, wintery cold.

Some of you know that my daughter is working in Antarctica these days. I thought I'd share a couple of the photos that she has sent of her surrounding area and experiences.

This first one is a 12000 foot tall active volcano. It's Mount Erebus and is one of the four volcanos which formed Ross Island, where my daughter is. It's funny thinking that she's living on top of lava which is buried underneath all that snow and ice.

The second and third photos are inside of ice caves. These are located at the point where the tongue of the Erebus Glacier meets the sea ice.
My daughter says that these are the actual colors.

She's enjoying her "summer" down there. If you look at the bottom right side of my blog, I always keep the time and temperature widget there. You can check daily, like I do, to see what their weather is like.

As you can imagine, there's a limited living space and about 1000 or so inhabitants there right now.
They find ways to make their own fun, although there are 3 bars at McMurdo Station where she is.
She said it's funny leaving there at night and having to wear sunglasses. She hasn't seen a sunset since September 20th.

This is the first year without her at home for Christmas and already I'm missing her. But I am thrilled for her being able to travel to far away places and experience life. She's happy, healthy and having fun. What more can you ask for your kids?