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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Look What I Won- A Christmas Tree Covered with Lampwork Ornaments

Last Wednesday was my lucky day.  I don't know whether the moon and stars were aligned, whether it was destiny or what happened, but it sure was a delight.

After seven years of buying lots of tickets, I won the raffled Southern Flames Christmas Tree that night.

Members brought lampwork tree ornaments and converted beads (and even some sculptural glass earrings too!) and hung them on the tree.  In return, they received raffle tickets and everyone was eligible to buy tickets also.  I had brought my share of ornaments and had my length of raffle tickets and joked about never winning anything.

I have so many wonderful ornaments on it and feel so lucky.  A white raven, multiple Santas, a purple fish, all different kinds of icicles, blown balls, pendants, earrings, doves, dragon and a sweet angel on the top of the tree.  I keep it next to my computer.

And then there's my grinch.  Isn't he wonderful?  This was done by Maureen McRorie, (remember the post about voting for her?) and he's about 6" tall out of soft glass.  Those are some pretty amazing the details on him.

But the best part about the entire tree, is that these are handmade by my friends and each one is a bit of them that I get to keep.  The tree and its ornaments are a symbol of what I will treasure the most and you can see how lucky I really am.