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Monday, December 1, 2008

How To: Sketch Fine Lines On Your Beads

When was the last time you wanted a thin line and stringer control and it didn't quite work out the way you want?

Well, so often it just doesn't happen. And I wanted to do a little experimenting. Here I used the Pine Tree Alabastro glass by Effetre. There are two ways that I generally work with fine lines. One is to case my glass with clear and pull into stringer. Or the other is to just use a very, very low flame with very thin stringer.

This time, I decided to try commercial Effetre white filigrana that I pulled to an even thinner stringer. I wondered whether it would be more controllable because the clear casing is even thicker than what I usually use.

These photos show the bead much larger than it's 1 inch size. If you look carefully, you can see a little of the clear casing with the sketched trees.

I was quite pleased with this effect and know I'm going to try more filigrana in my designs that I've been planning I like the "sketch" look to it. It gives it a casual, but kind of "hip" look.

Do you have a design you'd like to sketch on a bead? What will you try that is different?

You can see a few more shots of this bead in my shop. And don't forget to stop by for my BOGO 1/2 Off Sale. See yesterday's post for details.