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Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm Being Featured on "Bacon Today"

I was tickled to receive an email from Corey James, Chief Baconographer of He told me that he has written an article about my bacon beads that is being featured today.

I first found his website, when I happened across a recipe for "bacon cookies". Being a lover of both bacon and cookies I wanted to explore this novel concept more.

I found a totally delightful and amusing website. I particularly like some of the products offered on it. Last year, my daughter had requested "bacon band-aids", and seeing some of their items, I might need to do a little more shopping. There's a T-shirt with a picture of a piece of bacon that says, "Strip". I think that's funny for one of my adult kids.

But you can also find recipes and other important bacon information and products. So check out their website. It's an honor that not many other beadmakers can say has been bestowed on them.