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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hans Godo Frabel Award Nominees ~ Please Vote for Maureen

Yes, I have to admit I'm biased. One of the Hans Godo Frabel Novice Award nominees is my good friend, Maureen McRorie of FlameTree Glass here in Georgia. She is tremendously talented in whimsical sculptural glass, and her entry here is a bundle of fun glass put together in a very enjoyable assemblage. (You should see the rest of her work!)

Head over to - a great glass networking site, which is for glass artists and glass lovers. Join up so you can vote for the two categories of awards being given out and see some great glass art at the same time. It was really hard for me to choose from the other category and I'd love to hear who you voted for too. You have until Dec. 31st. But if you do it soon, you can come back and post and tell us who you liked and why. I'd love to read about it.

If you aren't familiar with internationally reknowned Hans Godo Frabel, he's a good one to check out. Here's his website. He and his studio artists make beautiful boro glass art. But don't just look at the eye candy. Read about him and his story. It's interesting relevant to the history of modern glass in the U.S.

And while you're at, please don't forget to vote for my buddy Maureen McRorie. In a few days, I'll be posting about her Grinch tree ornament and showing you a photo of it and the entire Christmas Tree laden with handmade glass ornaments/beads that I won through Southern Flames a few days ago. But for now vote and then if you have time, head over to her FlameTreeGlass for more of her work, her husband Lance's glass and their 35% off sale of Vetrofond and Effetre.

Catch you tomorrow!