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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Early Morning Musings- I'm In Bead Trends magazine


Early mornings are one of my favorite times. I'll lay in bed and think about what I'm doing that day and if there are issues to contemplate, that's a good time for it too. Then I hop out of bed and come down to my computer to write my daily blog.

I thought I'd show you my one page of fame for the month. I'm in Bead Trends Magazine - Dec. 2008 issue. Have you seen it? I thought perhaps not. It's a lovely magazine. The photos and how to's are very attractive and it's thick without too many advertisers. Next time you're in your local bead shop or book store, peek around and see if you see it. It's published by the group that does some of the paper and scrapbooking magazines too.

The magazine chose a lampwork glass flower ring that I make, sell and trade. The bright red Russian glass petals with the Italian glass turquoise blue center add a little international bling for your finger. Some of you may have similar ones from the Gathering. This has been my "trade" item for the last two years. (Don't worry, I'll come up with something new for this year in Miami.

And now you know my source for photos too. I have a photobooth on my Mac computer. It makes early morning photos quick and easy. (even if I didn't flip around the magazine photo) and you see me in my early morning attire- sweatshirt, unbrushed hair and no make up. But we're glass lovers and beadmakers, so I know you'll laugh with me at these early morning photos.

Hope your day is wonderful.