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Monday, December 22, 2008

Annealing Your Food- Or How My Friend Won the Southern Flames Appetizer Contest

Our ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) Chapter, Southern Flames enjoyed our December holiday meeting at Beads by Design with an Appetizer & Dessert Challenge and a raffle for a small Christmas Tree decorated with members' lampwork bead ornaments last Wednesday evening.

I had to show you my friend Linda's very creative (WINNING) entry in the Appetizer competition.  

Who says presentation isn't important?  Linda converted her warming tray to make a faux annealer complete with a bead door to house her kabob appetizers on sticks.  Of course to a beadmaker, they absolutely looked like lentils, barrels and other typical bead shapes on   mandrels.  They were mini hotdogs and hamburgers with the sauce and trimmings.    

That's Linda (our Southern Flames "Web Mama") on the left in the top photo waving her winning appetizer and our friend Kim watching.  The bottom photo is a closer photo of Linda's creativity. To see their beads and others in Southern Flames, visit our member pages.

We had so much going on that night, that there will be a few blog posts showing photos of some of our members and the fabulous raffled Christmas tree and its lampwork ornaments. 

If you don't have a chapter or a local club, I highly recommend starting one.  You can do that with the help of your ISGB Regional Director. Canadians and other International peeps, you have a Director too!  That link is for all chapters and contacting your RD.

The camaraderie, hints, collaborations and sharing really can bond you together and provide some wonderful times.  I treasure our local group.  We're all different personalities coming together through friendship and and the love of glass.

See you tomorrow with another post and more glass peeps.