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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kiss My Curvy "S" or What Should I Name These?

Conundrum time. I have acquired a new brass bead press from Mallory. It's for a special project I'm working on, but I wanted to play with the press and try out different glasses in it and styles.

So I made a few and am going to offer them in my Studio Marcy Etsy Shop.
However, I'm just not sure what to call them. It's a "Wiggle" press, but I don't want to use their name.

I've been mulling over other ideas...wavy, curvy, swoosh - (nope, Nike has the corner on that market), worm, squiggle or undulation. I ended up listing this one as an "S" Curve with a little amusing joke written in the listing.

My husband looked at them and said the colored ones look like Gummy Worms to him.

This blue one I etched to look like sea glass. It's a light transparent blue that got a dunking in acid etch. I've got a few of these in other sea glass colors made too.

I'm open to ideas. Anyone have a name for these? If I choose your idea, I'll send you one that is a funkier version than these shown. I think you'll like it.

Thanks for your help. I'm taking suggestions through Thursday 10 am Eastern Time. Now get out there and put on your thinking cap. I need YOUR help!


  1. Marcy, what about, Snoodle Bead or
    Noodle Bead. The shape reminds me of corn curls. Mary Shafer

  2. Oh yep - that's a "Squiggle" to be sure.
    Actually the way you have it displayed on the side in your Etsy listing reminds me of a Huhu grub, Worm, Caterpillar or Snake - lot's of possibilities there, but naming the shape after any of those would be somewhat restrictive....all are that squiggly wriggly shape though ;o)

  3. I can not wait to google "Huhu Grub". That name intrigues me tremendously.

    Thanks for posting Mary and Deb. And I had one other idea convoed to me through Etsy... a "tilde" which is that squiggly punctuation mark used in the Spanish language over an "N".

    More ideas please!

  4. looking at the pics here, the golden one looks like (wait for it!!) a maggot on a fishing line! but a very pretty maggot :)
    but the other one makes me think of a sea cucumber - not that sea cucumbers are cute little blue things...

    If you've ever seen fresh choux pastry piped out of a bag to make eclairs - it's also the same shape as the raw choux eclair!

    I think these are very clever little beads, and they use their colour to influence your impression of what they look like.

    A pure white one could be a toothpaste curve!

    Not helping much in the name department though, am I!

    The Seeds of Imagination. Because they're whatever you want them to be :)
    As well as Tilde beads, of course! :D

  5. Ooh, I like Curvalations... one of the ones I thought of was Undulations.. I was looking at math curve sites ;)

  6. You did it, Marcy! Those are great beads! I know! squiggles are us!
    That's really bad. Sorry!

  7. Another entry ...this time from Linda of Lily Steele.

    She likes the name "Squirm"

    Thanks Linda for emailing me your suggestion.

  8. Hi Marcy,
    How about "snazzy slink" ? (I like having that "s" sound to emphasize the shape). had several meanings for the word "slink" but I like this one: "to walk or move in a slow, sinuous, provocative way". For "snazzy" the definition was: "extremely attractive or stylish".
    Lois :)
    P.S. My husband throws his submission into the hat as..."playful otter".


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