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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plug and Play

marcy-lamberson-studio-marcyPlug: I'm being featured today on a really cool blog. It's called "Something Just To Start" and Coleen features artisan shops, commercial websites and just different things that she really likes. Well guess what, Coleen and I have similar taste.

I spent my early morning hours scrolling and reading the different posts about the other featured artists and their work. I could make my entire Christmas list just from her blog. So stop by, comment and enjoy the blog.

Play: Joe with Avenue Beads has started broadcasting his torch time via computer. You can go to the website, and watch him blow shards and make beads. He does this mostly in the evenings or weekends. There is a place for the viewers to comment or ask him questions and he reads the comments and chats. There's a lot of side chatter and fun comments by the audience. I visited last night and had a good time. Here's the web address:

My BOGO 1/2 Off Sale continues through Saturday. I've been adding lots of new beads daily. Please feel free to shop by, (Freudian slip? I think not.) and check it out.