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Friday, February 27, 2009

Traveling with Glass Rods

It seems like there are times when we need to carry our glass rods somewhere.  Whether it's to a class, a friend's house, or maybe even to demo.

I wanted to show you what I use.  I requested this to be made on  I saw knitting needle organizers and thought that would make a great way to carry my rods, protect them and partially cushion them too.

So I contacted one of the shop owners and asked whether she could make me one.  She showed me which fabrics she had in stock.  We designed it so it has two pockets .  You might not be able to see the taller pocket in the back.  They are varying size so I can sort my glass.  (this photo was taken at the end of class, so no ROY G BIV for me right now)  I also asked her to make it taller than usual, so my rods could fit in as well as there's a fabric flap that flips over the top to hold them in.  I wanted it to be washable, and a solid color on the inside, so I could see the rods better too.
And finally, I wanted it long enough to carry a good amount of glass.  Nothing too short.  This one carried more than enough for my four day class that I just taught with lots of spare, "just in case" glass.

If I could change one thing, it would be cool to have a clear plastic front pocket in at least part of it.  I could then see if I have stashed very short rods.  

I also have one for my mandrels. I keep my spares in one of these roll ups too.  That fabric is washable, VERY sturdy and double sewn.  
Do you have a good way to carry your glass around?