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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday ~ It's Mardi Gras and Time to Party!

Happy Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras to you. It's the last day to let your hair down, dance and just over do it.

I'm afraid that Phoebe here has been going over the top for a while now and is still debating what to give up for Lent. Oily fish, chocolate, and males are all on her list of potential items.

I have cautioned Phoebe to not indulge in too many drinks tonight and by all means, put some more clothes on. I have heard that some gals will do crazy things just for beads.

Being a bead already, I am hopeful that Phoebe will keep her top on and just let the good times roll.

For you fashionistas out there, Phoebe is wearing an Italian "string-er" bikini and Italian glass shoes too.