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Friday, February 20, 2009

My Glass Bead Interpretation of Klimt's "The Kiss"

Gustav Klimt painted "The Kiss" circa 1907. It's a gorgeous piece with the two lovers entwined in each others arms on a bronze background in the flower meadow.

Art Bead Scene, ( a very cool blog and hang out place), has a February Challenge to interpret this painting using a handmade art bead and then incorporate it in jewelry.

Loving this picture so much, made me want to try my hand and seeing what a bead would look like if I tried it.

Knowing I wanted to make it partially sculptural, I knew I had to edit out parts of it, or the detail would overtake the rest of the bead. I was sad to leave out the flower escarpment, but I knew that the main focus of the art piece was what I needed to show.

I used black and white to designate the man's section of the blanket or robe in the picture and a little blue and red to signify the woman's area of it.

Their arms and legs are in relief on top of the base bead to add the sculptural element to my bead.

Making the jewelry was the hardest for me. I wasn't sure what to do. If I strung it in primarily black, white and yellow, I thought it might seem a little too harsh, so I drew the brown out of the woman's hair to add a softer, more earthy feel to this ode to love. I used brown pearls, coconut and brass beads, along with a little copper too.

I'm still debating whether to offer it in my Etsy shop as a necklace or just the three lampwork beads that I made. I'm going to noodle on it and feel free to comment and help me make my decision.

Meanwhile, pop over to your torches and join me in this February Challenge. It's fun to stretch yourself in new ways. And this painting makes my heart sing and hope it affects yours the same way.

...and just in case you were wondering, we had a fabulous day in class here in Atlanta, GA. My students rocked the whimsical bead world and I can't wait to see all their beads coming out of the kiln. Today is day 2 for this class and then two more days with 8 new students.

Catch you later,