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Monday, February 23, 2009

Glass Storage Systems

Okay, I'm the first one to admit, that I am not the most organized person in this world. I work hard to try to be, but it sure doesn't come easily. I am very right brained.

One of the ways that helps me is to have a glass storage rack, so that my colors are easily accessible and in view from my work table and torch.

So within a large metal framed rolling storage cart, my husband helped build my class storage system. He cut rain water downspouts to the right size, so that the ends of my glass peeps out. I didn't want the rods totally covered, because I want to be able to grab them quickly, if I run out of something that isn't already on my bench. (ha, ha, wait til you see some of those photos)

I like that they are square-ish instead of round. They stack together easily and with the space in between them, I can fit more types of glass or overflow of the same colors. It was designed years ago, before ASK, Vetrofond's bountiful odd lots, CIM and other 104 glass colors mushroomed to expand our palettes. Out of view is my rack of Bullseye, and my bag of boro and my 96 COE that lives in a dresser drawer and....if you work with glass, you know the drill. Seldom enough room for everything that you'd like and different COE's need to stay separate. (For my non glass artist friends, I'll interpret that language. Different types of glass heat and cool, (expand and contract) at different rates. If you don't have the same kind (COE- co-efficiency of expansion) together and mix them, they cool differently and cause your glass art to crack which is a real bummer.

If you look on the far left side of the photo, you can see my AF-99 versatile fire brick kiln which opens on top as well as has a bead door. I bought it from Arrow Springs about 9 years ago and it's worked just great. They have so many options now, that I'd probably choose something with more bells and whistles. I did wear out the front pad on my digital controller (too much digits pushing it, I guess) and bought a new one about 3 months ago, with great customer service.

And if you're one of my students from my last two classes who has popped in, hang on, I'll be blogging about class in the next few days. I had such a wonderful time with all of you and was delighted to see how well you learned, because your beads were marvelous!

See you all tomorrow with more glass.