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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Effetre Dark Pink...My Half Pound of Destiny.

Have you seen this batch of Effetre (Moretti) Dark Pink?  The colors make me want to scoop it up and just run it through my hands.

My friend Sylvie tried some and called to tell me I "need" it.  Then she called to tell me that she was going by Flametree Glass and would select some for me, if I wanted it.  I succumbed to glass lust and said okay.  I could tell it was my destiny.

Needless to say, a small pile of it is mine.  It's like a cross between pink and EDP 254- but in my opinion, it's not evil.  I haven't seen the same devitrifying as the other glass.  I've seen a little in some instances, but work it farther out in your flame and hit it solidly with heat before you put your kiln.  

I've already tried encasing it in both Ink Blue and CIM's Crocus which not only takes away any devitrification concerns, but is also quite yummy. I'm going to be using this a lot, as I'm working on my "Spring" beads.  It gets me in the mood for flowers and warm weather. 

This basket of glass is some of Flametree's inventory.  I wanted you to see the lusciousness of the variegated shades. For me, it will be fun experimenting and using the different colors within my half pound of glass.  It's like getting more for your money, because of the assorted colors.  Be aware it is pricey, but it sure is gorgeous too.

By the way, sorry about the black line in the photo.  That's my error and someday, (fingers crossed), I'll be proficient with a camera.