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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here's an update about my daughter down in Antarctica. Sparky has been traveling around a bit.

This first photo is a picture of her at the real South Pole. (Kind of funny looking striped pole, isn't it?)
There's a new visitors' center building there, but I wonder how many people make it to visit. She arrived on an airplane that had skis where the wheels normally are located.

Thls photo is where the ocean meets the ice.
It's still daylight 24/7 . She says she misses having lots of fresh produce, being around pets and children and of course she misses regular vegetation. She's my outdoor kid who loves it all.

I'm really happy that she had this wonderful opportunity to experience Antarctica, but I know she's really going to enjoy the next step of her adventure as she hikes and climbs her way around New Zealand and part of Australia after she leaves this job.

I always have a problem with photos in these blogs and I apologize if it looks more like a crazy quilt. But I wanted to show you a couple of photos. My friend Alice asked about their water supply down there and Sparks said that they use ocean water and purify it. So that's my latest update and if you ever want to see the current temperature down there. Look on the lower right side of my blog and there's a little widget that will tell you.

Happy weekend. See you tomorrow with some real glass information.