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Friday, February 6, 2009

Lost in Translation? I'm International.

I've been translated into Russian and so delighted about it.

I saw my ice cream cone mini tutorial here, and it sure was a surprise. But a good one. Maya, if you are reading this, please look farther back in my blog, and I have other mini tutorials and you are welcome to use them.

And if you can, could you please post and tell us a little about beadmaking in your country. I think you might be from Belarus. Where do you get your glass? Is there a market for beads in your country? Do you sell at outdoor markets or shops, or is it all through the internet? Do you have glass teachers there and is there anything we can help you with? I have the translator on the right side of my blog, if you need it, or if any of my regular readers want to ask questions. Hopefully Maya will find us again.

I know I have lots of readers who are not from the States. I would love to hear from you also. Please tell us what beadmaking is like in your countries. I would love to see this small art niche in a large world, get a little smaller.

Anyone else have questions or answers? Let's get some fascinating conversations going.