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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Going Green

  My daughter has left "the ice" and is in greener pastures...literally.

With her job in Antarctica over, my daughter has left the volcanic rock and ice shelf and is now enjoying an extended camping and climbing tour around New Zealand and Australia.

Hope you've enjoyed the tidbits about Antarctica.  I know for me, it's been an education about a very different life style.

She has said that she's happy to see sunsets again.  The 24 hour sunlight was a very different environment.  And although we haven't chatted with her since she landed in the next continent, we know that she's filling her senses with people, pets, vegetation and probably lots of fresh veggies and spicy food.  Kiwis watch out.  If you see a banjo toting young woman who enjoys wearing purple and red together, you might just have spotted her.

 Thanks for the mini vacation while I'm teaching. We're back to glass topics tomorrow.  See you then.