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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tools, Glorious Glass Artist Tools

I don't use a lot of tools, yet I have collected quite a few. There are certain times that one of these babies would make my job easier. Or perhaps I've taken a class and at the time, been totally convinced that I will be using that tool again in the future.

Sometimes I design a bead, just so I can use a specific tool. It's like my own personal tool challenge. What would be a "Marcy" bead, if I used this one? Do you do that too?

And not being the most organized, (ha, that's an understatement), I keep a lot of my tools on my work table. The top photo shows that I stash them in a wide flower vase (vertical storage helps!) and in coffee cups.

My lower photo shows the tools that I have been using recently. The bottom one is one of the Leonardo Imprinters that I mentioned yesterday. Wanted to show you what they look like.

As you can see, my Stump Shaper has gotten quite a work out. I forget, and sometimes it migrates into my flame. The razor wiggles too much, but I still use it. I just need some fine lines sometimes.

The slotted paddle is similar to what Amy at Zoozi sells now. If you're doing sculptural beads that need to stand by themselves, I highly recommend it. It gives you an even surface, which is so helpful. I just checked and they are currently out of stock, but you could maybe make your own with a graphite marver and carving the slot.

These aren't all of my current favorites. I have others that just didn't make it into the photo.
What's in your tool box?