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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sure Happy It's Thursday

Tonight I'm joining some other artists and crafters at a local gallery for an evening show.  This is my first time there and of course there's always a bit of apprehension.  It's geared toward a young, hip crowd and for those of you who know me, I'm neither.   Yet, they selected me from the applicants, so perhaps my art is part of the right mix.

The Atlanta gallery is on a cool block of old brick shops with uneven wood floors filled with vintage clothes and home decorations, and even a bakery with cowboy cupcakes in the window.  Yep, they are frosted with cowboys on top.  Of course they'd be great inspiration.  I'll check them out again  and ask first if they mind me doing that.  

So if you see cupcakes with funky western decorations on top in my etsy store, you know the behind the scenes story.  This is in line with some I've already done like an octopus draped over a cupcake.

But meanwhile, I'd better go heat up my kiln and get going.  I have custom orders for 4 darling dogs and perhaps an order of sushi.  Days aren't dull around here.