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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Glass Studio Safety ~ Prescription Cream for Burns

There are a lot of things I joke about, but treating burns isn't one of them. This is the kind of prescription burn cream I keep on hand. I saw it used at a glass retreat and it's healing power was amazing.

If you can't read the label easily, it is prescription Silver Sulfadiazine Cream. It has some other names it goes by, I think one of them is Silvadene or something like that. Use it twice a day.

I am not a medical person, so please ask your Doctor for his/her opinion. I just wanted to give you another option, in case you were like me and thought that ice water and lavender oil would do the trick each time. Keep this by your torch. But if your burn is a bad one, please seek medical attention right away.

Here is something funny, though. I took this photo with my computer camera, so the blue background fabric is draped over my head, and I'm balancing the cream in one hand and searching for the spacer bar under the fabric with the other to activate the camera. If you saw me, you would have laughed.

I'll be back tomorrow and don't forget, Tuesday will be my next online coaching session with Rosebud 101's Santa face.