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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Artistic Conundrum- Copyright vs Have I Changed It Enough To Be Safe and Still Get the Essence

Wow, that's the longest title, I've ever written. But let me explain.

I do a lot of customer requests, but I will not make copies of something that is copyrighted or someone else's work. Very simple and a rule I don't break.

There's always a "however" out there. I've had a request from a customer to make a Mighty Mouse style bead. She had a dear friend, a policeman who died from cancer, who used to call himself Mighty Mouse and she'd like some beads to commemorate him.

Needless to say, I told her I can't make them like that, but what are some different angles we could use to have an essence of Mighty Mouse, but still make it a different bead that is special to his memory? We have decided on a police hat, a face change and his police number on the chest, but I think there need to be considerable other changes before I feel comfortable with it.

I know it's mostly artists and artisans who read this blog, so please tell me what you think. How would you change this image to keep the essence and yet make it different enough? I'd love to hear your ideas and opinions.