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Thursday, September 25, 2008

My, What Big Eyes You Have

Meet Norah and her personal bluebird of happiness, Kenley.

Norah has some pretty big eyes. Not exactly "piercing", but they do stand out on her face.

I wanted to show you another use for commercial murrini. Sometimes we buy murrini and then wonder what we're going to do with it. I like finding non-traditional ways of using it. Eye balls suit my personal style of lampworking.

Instead of sinking the murrini all the way in so it is even with her face, I left it partially raised, to give her a wider eyed look.

The amethyst shading around the edges rocks. I didn't have to add eyebrows, which would have been too much for her face. This keeps it simple so the eyes really stand out.

Kenley was added for fun. For years I have made a series of beads of women with birds sitting on their hats or hair and called them "Bird Brains". I guess they're semi-autobiographical.

Norah and Kenley are currently residing in my etsy shop,