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Monday, September 8, 2008

Colorado Slim Cooks Out

Here's a photo that makes me smile. It's Colorado Slim and his charcoal Weber grill. I'm not sure, but it could be buffalo burgers with cheddar that he's grilling.

What I really wanted to talk about today is glass assemblages. Where more than one bead is combined to make a vignette. Technically, an assemblage is a 3D piece of art that is made with found objects. I just find mine on my bead racks.

I didn't make these beads to go together. As most of you know, I see something, remember something, or just have an idea pop into my head and then make a bead. Colorado Slim came from a few sources. When my son was little, he liked a Deputy Dan book. Slim is a lot slimmer than Dan, but has his influence of a scruffy look. The red Weber grill was one that I won years ago when I worked for a corporation in marketing. And I liked how these two beads look together as an assemblage. This type of combination works well when you're putting together a postcard for marketing your work or a small ad. It makes your work more memorable and adds a touch of whimsy. (Colorado Slim is available in my etsy shop- )

Later this week, I'll post a small tutorial for making your own simple stands for multiple beads. I make them so they can hold a couple beads upright in one place. These are good for assemblages or just for your photography.