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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Music With A Touch of Glass

Although the world of glass fills a large part of my soul, music, friends and family are so important too.

Last night we went to No JabOinga's gig with some friends. The fabulous guitarist on the right, Evan Krupa, and my son played together throughout their school years.

They were our own garage band, playing almost every our garage, hanging out at the house, and gigging on the weekends. I sure miss those days. The live music really was a joy to hear, the laughter and of course, the traditional very late night visits to Waffle House after their shows.

Last night, when No JabOinga did their cover of Allman Brothers' Whipping Post, all the memories came rushing back. That was always one of my favorite songs when the kids were practicing. In those days, Evan's fingers already were magical and his deep gravelly voice gave it a mature sound. And although No Jaboinga's drummer is hugely talented, I still wished that last night my son was around and sitting up there for that song.

Before leaving last night, I chatted with Ev and told him how that song brought back such wondeful memories. I teased him and asked if we're going to Waffle House next. Without missing a beat, he smiled, "Only if you'll drive me. Just like you always did."
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And here's your glass tidbit of the day...
Instead of a regular chair, I use a drum throne for making my beads, (their term for the drummer's chair/stool) It has a comfy seat, an adjustable padded small backrest and the seat can move up and down.