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Monday, September 22, 2008

Finding Inspiration in....Legos?

If you enjoy making character lampwork beads, your inspiration can come from anywhere. But who thought it would come from chunky brightly colored kids' toys like these?

Looks like Lego Toys views inspiration similarly. Here are a few historical or celebrity images that have made it into their toy line.

It makes me smile, because I've thought many times that I'd like to make a Ben Franklin Bobblehead glass piece and I've already made an Amy Winehouse bead. Her hair style and facial features are just perfect for it. I just haven't put it up for sale, as she's such a mess and it doesn't seem right to take advantage of it at all.

The final Lego picture is of movie character, Indiana Jones, who has great characteristics for glass interpretation. But because he's a movie character, I'm sure he's copyrighted and I can't make him.

When choosing a character for interpretation, I look for something that makes them easily recognizable to the general public. What facial or body features, or clothing makes someone know who they are immediately? Is the image off limits because they are owned by someone already? Who would you like to see as a bobblehead or a bead?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for this week's Online Coaching. We'll be looking at Rosebud 101's Santa face and I'll offer some ideas for improvement.