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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pollination in Glass

When I started learning glass, I thought I'd be making floral beads.  Well,  I seemed to have taken a right turn over the years, but just recently found that I still want to make them, but sculpturally.

And I've been making a lot of flowers, which I'll show you in a later blog post, but first I wanted to show you this honey of one.  Bee-lieve me, it's a keeper.  (okay, got the jokes out of my system)

I'm in an exchange on LE in which all members post a picture of something that they like and the rest of us make beads that "go" with the photo. (the "Pick 6" in the Patio, if you're on LE)  You might remember that weeks ago, I showed you what I chose right here.  But this inspiration came from another member's photograph of a bee sitting on a flower which I knew I wanted to interpret sculpturally.  This is the one for the exchange.

So now I'm experimenting and refining my designs.  I want to do a lot more with this and include other sculptural pieces in my flowers...bugs (caterpillars & ladybugs), butterflies and perhaps a lightning bug with a glow in the dark tail for fun.  (I haven't grown up from loving to see them at night).

I might even do a small hummingbird gathering nectar some time. I have an idea of how I can do to make it sturdy enough.

So, my smart friends, here's the question of the day...what kinds of flowers do you think I should make, and what should the "extra element" be?  If you have other ideas than what was on my list, let me know.
I'll be selling them soon in my Etsy shop and at the Gathering.  Just want to make a few more to have some variety available.

See you tomorrow.