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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Designing a Special Wedding Necklace of Friendship Pearls

I recently received a wonderful email from an Etsy friend.  We were on the same "team" together and have enjoyed a lot group bantering back and forth over time.

In her email, she announced her engagement and also explained that she wasn't able to invite us due to large families, cost, etc.  Of course we understood.  But the part I really loved, was that she asked all of us, her jewelry making friends- to send her just one pearl of any type, color, etc. and that way, she would have a bit of us with her for her special day.

I'm such a girl.  I still get teary eyed thinking about this fantastic idea.  Friendship, jewelry, and an upcoming non-traditional wedding....  I love it all.

So her big day isn't for quite a while. I had my pearls spread out and was trying to figure out, which one to send, until she saw one of my flower beads with bees and said she would like one of those. So now I'm designing one of those to send instead.

Have you seen any great non traditional wedding ideas that you wouldn't mind sharing?  I'd love to hear about them.