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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Stooges Movie Filming In Atlanta

We were driving near downtown Atlanta the other day, when my husband asked if I wanted to see something.  Always curious, of course I answered "yes!".  He drove me to this location and said this is where some of the new Three Stooges movie is being filmed.  Directed by the Farrelly brothers and featuring stars like Jennifer Hudson, Jane Lynch, Sofie Vergara, Will Sasso, Larry David, Sean Hayes and others, I thought it was going to be some big set with all those famous people.

Nope. This is the "green screen".  Inside the orange metal boxes (which is what my husband rents to them), it is painted green.  I can't imagine filming inside of that, with our temperatures in the mid 90's.

Just wanted you to see a small encounter with the movie world....but I think I'll stick with beadmaking.