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Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Urban Oasis - NYC

Funny, we visited NY recently and I come back with photos of plants and flowers.  Yes, I took some of the typical tourist ones and plenty of the not so tourist ones, which I'll spread out over the next few weeks, but it was flowers and plants that always catch my eye.

We found a little garden that was open to the public while walking in Greenwich Village.  We almost passed it by, but the little bright flowers were beckoning and as usual, I had my phone out to snap quick pictures.
It was a delight to walk along the shady paths and see all the little benches artfully placed, to achieve the most privacy.  Couples, families and friends were perched on all of them, having quiet conversations.
Cities really need that, don't they?  I think that was one of the factors that caused me to realize that I wouldn't want to live in NYC.  Too many hard materials and not enough softness and color.
So I'll leave you with these photos of the one little oasis that we chanced upon. And soon I'll post some photos of our adventures and other interesting things we found.  And in our usual fashion, we found some gooooooood stuff!!