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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pioneer Woman- I Give Up

I kept hearing my friends ooh and aaah about "Pioneer Woman" this and "Pioneer Woman" that.  In fact, although I was happy they discovered her and her tasty recipes, I really didn't think I needed another source of recipes. I'm kind of not into cooking as an empty nester.

Well after my friend Bek cooked some of her recipes for a group get together, I'm not only eating my words, but will be eating more of her food too.  Wow.  Talk about home cooking comfort food.  It's the kind of stuff whose aroma and flavor wraps its loving arms around you and gives you a big hug.

Pictured above, is one of the treats we tasted.  It's goat cheese polenta with short ribs on top.  Yum  Here is the link to her recipe.  And seeing that I seem to be the last one on the band, er chuckwagon, how about if you tell me which recipes I should try next?  If you have a link, we can all check it out too.

Happy eating-   See you Sunday.