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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Malloy Hover Bike

If you haven't heard of the Malloy Hover Bike, it's time.  Still in the testing stage, this bike flies (or hovers) off of the ground.  For testing reasons, it has remained tethered, for safety.

I think as kids, most of us dreamed of flying and this might be as close as we get.  although to lift off, you just need to increase the thrust with the throttle grip- just like on a motorcycle and the turning works similarly to a bicycle.  Nifty, eh?

Well, as we all know, dreams come with a price and the company needs more funding.  With certain size (rather small, actually) donations, you can get a chance to win one of the prototypes.  Click here for more info.

The concept makes me excited.  I've ridden Segways, jumped out of an airplane and now that I know about these, I have to say, my bucket list just got a little bigger.  I'd love to try one some day.  What about you?  What do you think of this invention?