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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Video from Demo Daze (And Sylvie Lansdowne too!)

My friend, Sylvie Lansdowne and I were the featured artists at FlameTree's Demo Daze for the month of June.  What a blast!  Lots of folks showed up and a good time was had by all!  Had to say it, but it's true.

Here is a link to a condensed video of the demos that Maureen McRorie made. It has my seahorse and dog with a bird balancing on its tail and Sylvie's three part delightful mermaid.

Well need to give you a little of the background too...  The room was very comfortable temperature wise, with a large air conditioner blowing hard.  This made the much hotter torch than usual play a few games.  And I had chosen dark ivory glass because of its "gooeyness".  So you can imagine what it was like in there, if you melt glass.  I felt like an acrobat with that hot ivory moving all over the place. I chose that glass, because sometimes I get chatting during the demo and wanted a glass that had a little more "give" to it.  It sure did!

And later, as Maureen was putting together the video and adding music, she asked me, "what song do you want?"  Does anyone out there know what music goes with a seahorse?  I thought perhaps reggae, maybe Hawaiian, but I ended up just picking Jessica by the Allman Brothers.  Although it has nothing to do with seahorses, it just sounds "happy" and that's what making seahorses does to me.  Hard to feel sad, when you see those cute little faces appear.

So that's the behind the scenes dirt on the demo...  Now here's the LINK so you can watch it.  (you thought I forgot, didn't you?)

And if you can come up with seahorse music, please post and let me know.  There must be something out there!

NOTE:  I just heard, the music is copyrighted and Maureen has temporarily taken it down until she can find some "free" music to use.  Sorry to tease.  The video is fun and the seahorse is so cute.