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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Southern Flames' Postcard 2010

As many of you fellow glass beadmakers are gearing up or recently printed your postcard for this year's Gathering in July, I thought you might want to see our Southern Flames postcard that will be soon replaced by this year's.

Each year, we've been lucky enough to do one.  It gives us a visual sense of where some of our members are in their glass art as well as the older ones showing where we've been.

Each year, I do my own separate postcard as well, that I use for business.  But I love being a part of this group and including something each time.

I'm wondering if you can tell which bead is mine?  It was a style I just started doing last spring.
If you are curious about the beadmakers, please visit our website, and you will be able to click and find out who made each one.