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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspiration Photos for Others

Choosing something that will inspire you, can be daunting.  For me, it's pretty easy, because I tend to view life a little like that.  But recently, I joined a bead exchange on LampworkEtc. and we needed to pick a picture for others in the exchange to make a bead for us.

For me, that was hard.  How do choose?  Colors, form, subject matter and other factors all came to mind.  I thought I'd show you the three that were my final and very diverse contenders.

I love this one, Navaro Rapids.  The movement, the colors, the subject matter and the style of it all speak to me.  I could picture beads with swirls, a little dark ivory with reactions, perhaps even a touch of coral for an accent.

And this one by Kandinsky also is a favorite.  It is playful looking, has some great sculptural essence to it and I think it could be fun for other beadmakers too.  It looks like a happy bead that could be different from what they are used to and would give them a little stretch.

And my other contender is this Maxfield Parish piece, Dusk.  It's the one I chose.  As much as I love the other two, this one somehow touches at my heart in a big way.  It's a place I would want to visit.  The colors are ones I love the most from my favorite aqua/turquoises, greens to the very warm brown of the little house.  I'd love to be inside of it, peeking out the windows at one my favorite times of day.  

Yes, once I put all three wonderful choices together, the decision was easier.  I chose the one that ignored my checklist and instead spoke to my soul.  I'm hoping that the other beadmakers enjoy working with it too.  (and I have to say, I wouldn't be surprised if just a touch of some silver glass makes its way into someone's work.  The colors reminded me a bit of that too!)