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Monday, April 11, 2011

Need Your Advice: Future Trip to NYC...Woot!

Well, it's confirmed.  Hubby and I are headed to New York City in a few months and I'd love your advice.

You see, it's been many years since I've spent time there and I know it's not the same as my youth.  When I was a kid, my Dad lived there, and we'd commute in from Connecticut and do the kid activities. I've seen the Rockettes, the Natural History Museum and lots of things like that.

But I'm a heckuva lot older now and I know there's a lot more than my old haunts.  So I'm asking you for your advice.  What do we need to see and do with just a two and a half day visit?  And where do we stay that is "reasonably priced".  (ha ha, I know)  My preference are boutique hotels- but modest ones are great too.

I'm counting on your wisdom and sage advice- think artsy, fun and bit off kilter and give me some ideas and any advice you've got.  I'm looking forward to your help.  Thanks so much!


  1. I was born on Long Island and tho I have been away a long time I can say that Central Park is a must. They have paddle boats, a very wonderful Merry go Round and the Boathouse Restaurant..

    "Located at the northeastern tip of the Lake, stands the Loeb Boathouse that houses the Boathouse Restaurant, a famous icon of Central Park. Overlooking the Lake it is the perfect place to dine on a relaxing afternoon lunch or romantic dinner in the warmer months.

    Many diners prefer the deck where they can sit back and watch the rowboats and occasional gondola drift by on the Lake as they enjoy a salad or refined fish platter." There is also a giant Alice in Wonderland and toadstool in the Park among its beautys. Look at this link:
    Bloomingdales has wonderful things a beautiful Dept store!
    But I dont know where you can stay reasonably priced I havent been back to NY in eons.
    Have a great trip Marcy!

  2. Whenever I go back home, I must visit the Museum of Natural History. It has changed so much over the years, it's worth another visit.

  3. Janet, thank you. As a kid, I used to sail toy boats in Central Park and loved the zoo. Vickie, I had no idea you grew up there. How did you get to Alaska?


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