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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Custom Gourmet Jerky?

Now I know not everyone is a beef jerky fan, but when I saw this story about where you can design your own beef jerky, I knew that it would appeal to folks... like my kids who enjoy it.  SlantShack Jerky allows you to choose your marinade, rub and/or glaze, which sounds to me like a potential holiday gift which says, nothing but the best jerky for you, my friend.

I saw this article on their blog.  You can click on the title to take you to the blog, which has a yummy looking recipes for shrimp and other fun posts.

More on the Myriad Uses for Beef Jerky

Not long ago, we conducted a highly unscientific survey on the Facebook to enhance our understanding of the ways people use beef jerky in their day to day lives. Our findings are listed below, in no particular order. Please add your own in the comments section.
1 ) Discreet subway snacking
2 ) Sustenance for roommate locked in bathroom (thin enough to slip under door)
3 ) Warding off vegetarians
4 ) Edible placemat (assuming you have extra-large piece of jerky or small plate)
5 ) Bloody Mary garnish
6 ) Bait for capturing and domesticating most carnivores (especially Tigers and other big cats) and certain large fish like marlins and killer whales
7 ) Nursing a black-eye on the go
8 ) Delicious-Meat-Scented air freshener
9 ) Telling your future (combination between reading tea leaves and palm-reading)
10 ) Metaphors
11 ) Putting cows in their place
12 ) MEATing your daily protein requirement
13 ) Edible wallet.