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Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Things Considered, It Comes Down to Shape

I was looking at Restoration Hardware's website the other day and noticed this photo for their vintage look French chairs.  Having grown up with this type of furniture, it caught my eye.  I have always enjoyed the rounded look and the curvy cabriole legs.

The simplicity of this shot is lovely.  It's a joy to see all of the pieces in the same fabric; giving one's eyes a chance to focus on the shapes.

I was wondering what it would be like for me to make a series of beads in the same neutral colors- at least 10 and see how it affects my view of the actual beads, whether the shapes matter more, the subject matter or what it would do?  Have you ever tried something similar?  I'd love to hear what you noticed about it.  Did you change anything you did in the future because of it?

And of course, I can't leave this post without asking you which chair is your favorite and why?  You know how interesting it is to hear everyone's opinions.  See you tomorrow.  Have a fun post planned.


  1. Hi Marcy~I love neutrals as well, maybe because you can do so much with them.
    I think my favorite here might be the center one (hopefully I wasn't influenced by the placment! :-)
    I like the shape obviously, but they're all curvaceous~ the design is great, it's a little 'queenly'.
    It's also a shape that encourages a reader just to curl up inside the 'pod' and relax..I want one!

  2. Although I'm partial to the fainting couch... I love to sit with my feet up.... the center one. I can just picture myself all cocooned in it reading a good book!

  3. I like the chair on the far right. I think it is the rounded top.

    I have done a set of bead shapes. I had just bought some new Gaffer opaque colors and I saw an add that had a bunch of chinese lanters. I used them as the inspiration.

    I learned that coming up with new shapes is hard. I found the I liked the beads, but they took a long time to sell (I think because of the colors I choose).

    If you want to see a picture:

  4. That center chair is pretty cool. I like it too.
    Lara, I looked at your beads and love the colors. I think it might also be because your customers are used to something else from you and need time to get used to seeing your new offerings. that used to happen to me in my etsy shop. If I did something pretty different, it would take longer to sell. so maybe that's the same thing with you?

  5. I'd go for the chaise - I like to lie around - I'm short and most chairs leave my feet dangling! I can't wait to see the bead experiment - great idea. I've made several different shaped beads with black and ivory for a friend and it was interesting to work with the limited palette. It was also, in a way, a relief to have colour out of the equation, although I did use pattern as a design element. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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