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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let The Rumpus Begin

Tomorrow, the movie, Where the Wild Things Are opens at theaters. I'm excited. I used to read that book to my children when they were young.

I've always loved children's stories. The imagination, illustrations and stories often resonate with me. Perhaps, I'm just a bit of a kid at heart.

So as I was watching the PR come out for the movie, I decided to do a small interpretation as well. I made the Wild Things assemblage from three free standing beads and my friend, Jim Berry of Blue Moon Glassworks fused the stand. He had been experimenting with ideas for me.

The assemblage is meant to hang out together, but I left the beads loose, so they can be easily removed from the stand and worn on a change a bead type pendant. How slick is that? And even the tree has one side of leaves that isn't quite as round, so it will lay better when worn.

So pop by my Studio Marcy Etsy shop, and check it out, because that where the Wild Things are.