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Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Not All Black and White

I'm just not sure what it is about zebras and their stripes that intrigues me so much.

I find that I'm very attracted to the semi symmetry and slight undulation of their markings. Did you know each one is different, like our fingerprints?
And how can you not love their mohawk-like mane?

I've found zebra patterned skateboards in bright colors, and of course, shoes, cakes like the one below and even monogrammed shopping baskets.

But I'm wondering, why haven't zebra striped lampwork glass beads ever become as big sellers as the age old tiger stripes? What's up with that?

Anyone have any ideas? Would you rather have jewelry with tiger stripes or zebra stripes? Would you wear them? Let us know your opinion.

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