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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harold Cooney ~ Bead Craftsman

If you have seen Harold Cooney's borosilicate glass work, you know his beads speak for themselves. No need to go into great detail and superlatives, because you already have visual ones in front of you.

He sells at four shows each year. The February Beast Bead Show in Tucson, the June Bead & Button Show, the BABE show in CA and the Gathering.

Harold sells his beads on eBay, .

For the immediate gratification people like me, he has the "buy it now" feature on his eBay auctions.

And if you are like me, it's always fun to go check out his selection and put in a bid or two. I personally have quite a variety of his beads from over the years. I'm a big fan. The patterns, color, technical details and shapes are always a delight to my eyes and although it sounds a bit corny, to my heart as well. There's something about them that I just love. I know I'm not alone. I think of them as complex simplicity.

He told me that his glass craftsmanship goal in life is to work towards becoming "very good at it". What an understatement. Harold is not only talented, but he's humble and a hard worker. Can't beat that combination.

I know Harold is planning to name each of his collections after one of the 50 states. There are two- New Hampshire and Colorado that he's working on now. I enjoy this concept and wonder how many people will be lucky enough to collect one from each of the states? It should be a goal in itself.

Harold told me that his studio is right inside his double wide trailer's living room in Utah. Talk about working out of one's home. He's torched in a variety of locations, but seems to find his peace where he is now. Reading Harold's email to me, I was touched by the strength of his drive to do the best he can. And he sells some and he keeps some too. So if you want to get in on the good stuff...pop by his eBay shop and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Promise.
And by the way, Christmas is coming and this New Hampshire carved bead is what I'd really, really like...

If you are lucky enough to snag one of his beads, let me know. I'm always curious to see which styles and colors appeal to everyone. And I'll see you here tomorrow at