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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frantz's Sale- Colors I'd Like To Try

Coral Martian Strata Special Effetre RodSedimentYellow Apricot Premium Opaque SpecialYellow Opal Premium Opaque PastelPink Dark Premium Pastel
L to R: Coral Martian, Sediment, Yellow Apricot Premium, Yellow Opal Premium, Dark Pink Premium Pastel
I can't help but be tempted when I see sale advertisements for glass. It draws me in and even if I don't need it, I still want it. With my stash, I try to resist temptation, but can't always.

So I decided instead to blog about colors I'd love to try. Wish I could get a single rod and just test them out to see if I really, really wanted them as much as I think I do.

Here are the colors from the most recent Frantz Art Glass 50/50 flyer that recently came out.

I have to say that I'm not sure why I want that Coral Martian, but because I tend to horde many shades of good ol' # 420, it must be that same gene. I'm trying to think where I would use this striated rod, but I know I'd find a place. I know flower petals would rock with it and striated stringer on a turquoise base would stand out. And the Sediment looks like "fur in a rod". I think you've probably seen some of the dogs & fur babies that I make and it sure would come in handy. (Am I correct to guess there is a Vetrofond similar one that I own?)

The Yellow Apricot Premium is just flat out luscious to me. Rich and vibrant, I would find many uses for it, and I'm not an "orange" person. But this one is singing to me. And who can resist a good Opal Yellow? This one has "Premium" attached to its name. Hard to resist. I wonder how this batch is? Anyone try it yet?

And finally the Dark Pink Premium Pastel...I can never have enough shades of pink. I need it for cheeks, and cute little beads. It's always pretty cased with Ink Blue or other colors too. I guess I just like girly colors, simple as that.

So these are my current shades that I'm daydreaming about in the Effetre shades. I have a huge list of CIM colors and others too.

What have you been wishing for? Let us know. Add a link if you have one and let us all drool. If you have beads made with any of these, feel free to post a link to them too. Why not?