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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grey or Gray- It's Important However You Spell It

This past weekend in class, we were discussing the importance of the color gray. I know, it has the tendency to fade into the background, but for me, that's what makes it so important.

If you're familiar with my glass art, you'll know that I tend to use the brighter, more colorful options. But I truly feel that there is a big place for this color.

You see, with gray being such a great neutral, it gives one's eyes a resting place between the brighter colors. It recedes a bit and allows the others to "pop".

You can see that in both of the two photos that I snitched from National Geographic's website. (oh I love looking there!)

The top photo is a bit more muted, but the trees and reflections really show up against it and this photo of the dock below, is allowed to be exquisite because of its neutral background.

So how would you use the color gray in 104 COE glass? Many different ways. It makes a lovely background. Depending on the color that you want to show up against it, you can choose from the pearl gray, (almost white), the darker gray opaque or the wonderful transparent that is available. Choose contrast- darks against lights, and vice versa. Add a touch where you want the other colors to really show up.

I used to think that gray was not necessary in my palette, but I had the luck to take classes from Deanna Griffin Dove, who changed my opinion by showing me the difference. And now, I wanted to pass on her wisdom and would love to see what you come up with. Post a comment with a link please or tell me what you think.

See you tomorrow with more glass chat. Right here-