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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wine Bottle Chandelier- Recycling At Its Best

I've always loved an excuse to do something that is fun, but not quite the best thing for you. Well, I just found another example.

Here is Pottery Barn's "Wine Bottle Chandelier".
And if you are like me, finding a way to make one is far more fun than actually buying it. That would be too easy.

So of course, besides finding and figuring out the framework for it, I'd need to have the components ready to go. And if my very poor math is correct, it looks like I'm going to need about 12 matching wine bottles. And I know that I'll want to do my part for recycling, instead of buying them at my local wine and beer making supply shop, so they will need to be consumed first.

(I think it would be less expensive to buy the chandelier at this point)

So perhaps the best thing to do is to have a Wine Tasting Chandelier Party with the actual construction done at least 24 hours after the party is over.

Have some ideas for this project? Please comment... favorite wine bottles, brands, and other tidbits of advice are welcome of course.

And who knows whether this is just a dream. Personally, I like the looks of Amaretto bottles, for a chunk rectangular light, but it sure would take me a long time to get the components for that one.

See you tomorrow at