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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Goodies

I couldn't let Halloween pass without showing you some fun products.

But first, a quick word from our If you haven't taken a minute to vote for the glass art piece of choice, (got my fingers crossed that you like mine- the third from the top "Spooky Night", please pop over to here. It will just take a minute and means so very much to me. Voting ends today.

And now on to our main program...
OUCH Skulls and Bones Bandaids
I know there are some folks who go for traditional (a little boring) tan bandaids and then there are those trendy folks who think that they need bacon slice or pirate bandaids. I say, show your dangerous side with these cute Skulls & Bones bandaids. Neutral colors and bada#$ pattern.

Or...look at what else I found. It's like a Nightmare Before Christmas one sided chia pet.

Skeleton Nyokkis are Japanese ceramic egg shapes filled with soil medium and rye grass. You can change its hair by snipping it or even adding a barrette or paperclip.

It's amazing how something so simple can bring a smile to my face so easily. Like a little touch of cute macabre in an eggshell.

Meanwhile, with Halloween on a Saturday night, I hope that all of you and yours stay safe and have a great time. I'm still debating what kind of candy to pass out. If you have a favorite, I'd love to know. I think kids should get tasty stuff that they really want to eat, not just the cheap stuff.

See you on Sunday. Don't forget the time change, if you live in the States.