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Friday, October 23, 2009

Not Mistletoe Already!

Every year I debate whether to bring out my Christmas beads before Halloween. It's a tough call, but some folks are early birds.

It's not that I'm out for the worms, but I do know that holiday craft shows are coming up and it's nice to have your inventory ready in advance. Or at least I prefer to operate that way.

So I'm slowly stocking my shop with holiday items. This year, once I rev up, there will be lots of new styles to choose from. I've got my drawings completed and now I just need enough time to execute them.

So if you are looking for the holiday sculptural beads, keep checking out my Etsy lampwork bead shop. I'll be adding at least a few each week as we gain momentum towards Christmas. And of course, please don't forget my BOGO 1/2 OFF SALE (buy one, get one half price sale) that continues until Oct. 26th. You can be both the early bird and get a great deal on worms, too!

See you on Sunday for more glass and creativity chat...