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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Neiman Marcus Christmas Wish Book Is Out!

If I had my choice, the term, "bah humbug!" would be outlawed. Yes, I'm one of those crazy Christmas lovers.

It's not the gifts that I'm to receive, nor is it exactly the buying of gifts...(I'm one of those who loves handmade- both giving and receiving). But it's more the magic and child like joy of the holiday that I love the most.

So I have to say, I'm always delighted when the
Neiman Marcus Christmas Book makes its debut. You see, they work really hard to find some very unusual as well as down right gorgeous items to place inside of it.

Before writing this, I wondered if I should just focus on the "sublime" items. Yes, jewels abound, high tech gadgets and things that you will probably never need in all of your life. But instead, I chose some objects that appeal to me.

The double page of blues really caught my eye. I love the deep jewel like colors and the interesting pattern on the blouse and the textural qualities of the funky jewelry.

And what I would really delight in are the cupcake cars that are pictured below. Oh what a hoot!
This car originated at Burning Man, (another item on my bucket list-maybe someday I'll be the oldest person in attendance) and was designed as an art car that tops out at 7 mph. Oh how I'd love to toodle over to the grocery store in this sweet little vehicle and putter around the neighborhood giving little children and fun adults a nice ride. It only retails for $25,000.
Maybe it's time to start buying lottery tickets?

So give it whirl and stop by the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

And I'll see you tomorrow. Right here,