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Friday, September 18, 2009

Test Your Color Sense

I saw this website on Margie Deeb's last email. You probably already know Margie's name as an internationally known color expert. Luckily, she lives near me and I've had the fun of getting to take a class from her. She's wonderful. If you ever get that chance, grab it. She also has books and color reports, which are great reading as well.

Anyhow, this is a website she mentioned and it ranges from some games that even I can do to ones that I would only dream of being able to complete. However, from hearing some of your scores on other color matching sites I've posted, I know some of you will be able to do them all with great ability. So have at it and let me know. I'll be waiting to hear you crowing or woe-ing over them.

And I've decided to start taking Saturday off. It will be a day to research some of this stuff and add a little time to my schedule. I'll be back on Sunday bright and early with more fun. See you then!